Codeworx Theft To all who may view the website shown at the right:

Please be aware that Codeworx Technologies is a Canadian company that originally operated an operating division managed by the owners of the site and domain shown at the right. It is based in Cochin, Kerala, India.

The owner of this company (Codeworx Technologies Pvt Ltd) based in India, one Parikshit Khandelwal, is an outright thief that cheated customers, and stole from the corporate entity Codeworx Technologies, as well as stole directly from the staff of Codeworx Technologies.

Totally ruthless and devoid of any morals (or ethics), Mr. Khandelwal was forced to repay some of the staff that he had stolen from under threat of police action for his thefts.

Codeworx Technologies has nothing to do with the website shown at the top right, never will, and does not endorse any endeavour that involves Mr. Khandelwal.

Anyone needing any proof of Mr. Khandelwal’s exploits can email me directly. I am easy to find

An update: I have received several emails from an individual pointing out that Mr. Khandelwal is now involved in Bitcoin scamming.