hi, I’m
Andy Prevost

After a long recovery, I am back. A long time contributor to the “open-source” community:
  • ttCMS & DCP-Portal (CMS)
  • Form Validation tools (Javascript and PHP)
  • PHPMailer, PHPMailer-Lite (email transport)
  • PHPMailer-FE (form to email)
  • PHPMailer-ML (mailing list manager)
  • Bounce Mail Hander
  • QuickCache (formerly jpCache, OpCode caching)
  • QuickSkin (formerly SmartTemplate)

If you are here looking for PHPMailer, I can give you the history of the project. For downloads and the most current version, you will need to head over to Github where the project is hosted. The project is now headed by Marcus Bointon (coolbru) and Jim Jaglieski.
My projects continue to be hosted on Sourceforge.

History of PHPMailer:
Original author: Brent R. Matzelle (2001-2007, to v1.73)
Andy Prevost (2007-2012, starting with v2.0.0rc1 up to v5.1)
Jim Jaglieski (2010-2012, project merged from Apache project)
Marcus Bointon (July 2012- to date, starting with v5.2.8)
The Wikipedia page on PHPMailer is often wrong on the history, the info. above is accurate

And, PS, I am truly thankful for Jim and Marcus stepping in to take over the PHPMailer project when I was unable to contribute due to health issues.


I am now retired (actually was forced into retirement in 2012 due to health issues). As of January 2021, I am working on some of my pet projects. Two projects that I closed down in the past, ttCMS and DCP-Portal, will likely remain closed down - at the very least, ttCMS is not coming back.
The projects that are already support PHP7 and ready to relaunch include QuickSkin, PHPMailer2, Form2Mail, FormValidator, MailSend and PHPiCal.

This is like starting over, with these projects out of date and likely not used much, I can start with a clean slate. There are many property and method naming conventions I want to change in classes, and many functions to rename in procedural code. While doing this, I am mindful that some may want backward compatibility, so I am writing some tutorials on extending these new classes and functions to achieve full compatibility with past versions.

While working on open source projects, my company (Worx International Inc.) devoted 100% of its energies developing internet applications and websites. Nothing else. Worx had offices in Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, USA, and Canada. All is now closed down ... I continue a few select projects entirely on my own.
So, start here.